Why Is Web Design In California So Different Than Everywhere Else In The Country

The marketplace for California Web Design is an entirely different world than you will find anywhere else across the United States of America. Most people just don’t understand just how competitive the marketplace is, why it is increasingly competitive, and why it will continue to grow and further isolate the rest of the volume web design market. Big corporations are bringing their business to southern California because it is the nucleus of leading-edge graphic design, web design, and general marketing.

No one denies that southern California has one of the most ideal living climates in the world. Never too hot, certainly never too cold – everyone wants and tries to live there. The job market has always thrived and opportunities are endless. All of this is evidenced and proven by the catastrophic and consistent population growth figures over the past 30 years. As a result, the cost of everything in so cal has shown dramatic increase. Therefore, with cost of living increasing over the past 30 years, naturally only those who can afford it actually remain. The end result is a market booming with talent, wealth, opportunity, and inevitably – fierce competition.

Such fierce competition within the California web site design industry has created a few conglomerate companies who dominate the mass marketplace by providing the highest quality of web design services at the most competitive prices. The competition, synergies, and efficiencies of these more professional and well financed companies make it near impossible for individual developers and contractors to capture new business and keep existing customers. The more professional the web design market becomes, the more that these individual developers must join corporations and accept a full-time job with a full-time salary rather than trying to maintain an uncompetitive business in a marketplace where the tide is against them.

All of this has naturally led big brand businesses to the ever competitive market. It has also led the medium sized businesses, and these days even the smallest of businesses. These companies offer a broad range of services for small and large customers at astonishingly competitive prices and provide unmatched customer service along with it. This trend is only going to continue as every new day progresses. Eventually every industry consolidates – its just a matter of time.

Nick Friend, President of Breathing Color, Inc., is a principle-centered entrepreneur who has many years of experience in developing and executing innovative sales and marketing strategies as well as building, training, and leading national and international sales forces.